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Infusion Products

Right now, I-Flow offers products in line with pain management for acute and chronic pain and offers a full line of infusion delivery products. See the sample products below. Feel free to send us a message for questions and comments.

Homepump I Infusion System

An ideal choice for IV antibiotic infusion, Homepump Eclipse is one of the leading products in elastomeric technology. The best features of this product are the ff.

– Saves you time by reducing tutorial time and eliminating unscheduled nursing supervision

– Ideal size which makes storage easier in pharmacy and at the patient’s home

– Oustanding performance is assured through its patented multi-layer elastomeric membrane

– Easy to learn and use

Homepump Eclipse® C-Series Infusion System

This product is ideally suited for chemotherapy protocols that require a flow rate from 0.5 ml/hr to 10 ml/hr. Here are its features:

– It has a compact size for easy usage and storage

– No need to program or no need for batteries

– One of the most cost-effective methods for continuous small volume infusions

Homepump II Infusion System

A cost-effective alternative for catheter flushing, KVO System is an elastomeric pump filled with normal saline providing continuous infusion at a flow rate of 0.5 ml/hr up to 7 days. The features are as follow:

– Reduces the use of catheter occlusions

– Decreases the risk of infection

– Reduces nursing labor requirement

– Reduces flushing costs

– Removes the risk of related cost of complications

– Easy to administer

Homepump III Infusion System

A drug delivery system with a reusable mechanical infuser, it comes with a designed administration sets. It focuses on a precise delivery of medication which requires slow and continuous infusions. The benefits you can get are the ff.:

– It is simple and lightweight. It does not need any motor or batteries

– Precise in infusions and focuses on restrictive tubing providing accurate flow rate

– Easy filling of the administration set due to its needleless two-way fill port

Homepump IV Infusion System

SideKick Infusion is specifically designed to give continuous IV antibiotic medication. This infusion product is easy to use and does not require constant manipulation flow rate from the patient. See the following benefits you can get:

– A versatile delivery system

– Cost-effective and does not contain electronic components

– Has a carrying case making it portable and easy to use

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