Building a Better World


I-Flow Corp. is health care in biotech and pharma industry providing state-of-the-art infusion systems and products. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the infusion medication, I-Flow Corp envisions a full line of infusion delivery products designed for both alternate site and hospital use. The innovation and dedication of the company pursuits to care a technically advanced infusion products that are portable, reliable, economical, and versatile. No matter what or where the therapy is being delivered, I-Flow has the answer.

The company’s core mission is to help sustain lives, inspire others, and commit to expanding access to health issue solution through providing cost-effective healthcare products, delivering quality products and continuing in innovative health pursuits for a better world. I-Flow Corp. stands with its commitment to helping their patients and healthcare professionals when needed- during critical moments.

Today, I-Flow is continuously in pursuit of improving health issue solution through attending a worldwide medical seminar and participating in research to discover and innovate for a brand new infusion medication ideas and invention which could save millions of lives in the future. All the staff in I-Flow are committed to improving service and knowledge help make a healthy world.